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What it takes to become HBDI® certified

by | Mar 23, 2020

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HBDI® Certification teaches participants how to leverage the power of Whole Brain® Thinking to help individuals, teams and organisations unleash their collective intelligence. Certified Practitioners are trained to apply Whole Brain® tools, concepts and programs, including the HBDI®, to deliver business value and measurable results. Thinking of becoming HBDI® certified? Read on to find out what’s involved.

Who is HBDI® Certification for?

HBDI® Certification is popular amongst training and development professionals, coaches, HR teams, sales teams, leaders and business consultants. In fact, the program has broad application and is a valuable activity for anyone who has a business problem to solve. The one common characteristic of the people who undertake HBDI® Certification is that they all have a passion for learning (and learning about learning). Because of this, those that get the most out of the program are agile in their thinking and are able to recognise and adapt their thinking styles as required.

Which program is right for you?

Herrmann offers three certification programs, all of which involve 25 hours of learning commitment.  

HBDI® Public Certification

The Public Certification is a three-day interactive workshop held at a Herrmann training centre. Participants complete an HBDI® profile questionnaire and a post-workshop assignment.

HBDI® Online Certification

A blended, e-learning program, the Online Certification delivers all the same content as the Public Certification but can be completed remotely. Using a Learning Management System, participants can complete the pre-work in their own time before the classroom and complete three face-to-face virtual classroom sessions online.

HBDI® Inhouse Certification

When there are a number of people within an organisation who need to be certified (three or more), we recommend Inhouse Certification. Inhouse Certification can be hosted at any location and is the most efficient way to bring Whole Brain® Thinking into an entire organisation. The program involves pre-learning online modules, learning assignments and face-to-face classroom workshops.  It can also be facilitated online as described above. 

What’s involved in the program?

The program gives participants the tools and experience to prepare them to implement Whole Brain® solutions at the individual, team and organisational level. The Certification covers four key areas:
  • How to position the Whole Brain® Model to other stakeholders in your organisation, looking specifically at ROI
  • Understanding the Whole Brain® Model
  • Understanding the HBDI® Pair and Team Profiles
  • Practical application – how will the Whole Brain® Model and the HBDI® be used?

Knowing your why

The last area – practical application – speaks to one of the first things we look at when training someone in Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI®: their ‘why’. The Whole Brain® Model is, at its core, a problem-solving framework that can be used to solve different business problems. It’s therefore important to understand the problem an organisation or person is facing, and how Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® can help to solve those problems. Once we understand the why, we can tailor the program to provide a framework and model for solving that problem. For example, will the model be used to help that person better understand themselves or will it be used as a lens for looking at a particular situation or problem?It’s also important to consider if the framework needs to be scalable. Will the HBDI® focus on individual self-awareness or will it be used to investigate patterns in an organisation through a macro lens?Once we’ve established the purpose of HBDI® Certification, we can work at understanding the framework that sits behind it. 

What happens after you’re certified?

After certification, participants join a global network of HBDI® Certified Practitioners. Practitioners are supported by complementary professional development sessions, training days and workshops to help them further develop their facilitation and delivery skills. Participants also get access to the Herrmann Practitioner Portal and over 200 dedicated resources, including case studies, articles, videos, images and white papers, along with a comprehensive range of marketing and presentation material that can be incorporated into their own programs.

Interested in becoming HBDI® Certified?

To find out more about HBDI® Certification, or to take a look at our HBDI® Certification Calendar to find a workshop near you, visit us here

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